Something To Like About Rust

Rust gets a lot of hate for being a language that’s hard to work in, and rightfully so.

The borrow checker is brutal, and can keep you from writing what is obviously (to you) safe code.

The type system can make it hard to understand what is going on if you aren’t used to the builtins

(which is deep again, Copy or Clone?; When do I want a RefCell or an Rc?).

But when you are proficient, the language has a lot of features that let you spend more time solving problems.

Automatically derived Traits almost remove boilerplate entirely.

Good standard libraries save time writing a lot of code and there are tons of good libraries out there.

Better yet, once you understand the type system, the structs, function names, and type signatures presented by a library will get you most of the way to understanding what is going on most of the time.

I feel like these conveniences are an undersold benefit of working with Rust.

01 Sep 2019, Benjamin VanderSloot, CC-BY-4.0